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  2. Hello

    Me too...but they get chaffed and turn into pork scratchings...
  3. Hello

    I like music and tweaking Ollie's nipples.
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  5. Hello Guys n Gals

    Hi all just wanted to say hello and introduce myself :)
  6. DJ sparks

    new in da house
  7. Welcome to ::Rewind100%Oldskool::. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. hey guys newbie here just found this site by accident im weavy been a dj for years and do a show called rewind the vibe on piraterevival radio
  9. blah blah blah

    ivan has jumped over from osa.
  10. singup

    hey up
  11. Hi all

    Good to be here. started raving in 90, got decks in 91, sold them in 98 and bought some more in 2016. Luckily never sold my records. Will hopefully upload some mixes once I learn how to save my mixes
  12. Finally, I'm here.

    hi fella drop me an inbox on facebook darren conman kean and i will get you hooked up
  13. Finally, I'm here.

    My names Backtrax and I've been Djing unprofessionaly for about 25 years. Still play all the time and was raving for a good few years before I hung up my shoes. Looking forward to getting on the live shows.
  14. New member

    Hello all
  15. New member

    How's everybody feeling?
  16. Intro

    Hello nice to be back !
  17. hi

    hi , how do , woody from wigan !
  18. Latest update done

    added a schedule to the page its far from finished im still working on still a couple of coding issues to work out but i will get there, Join us on facebook gif added to the site with a direct link to our facebook page
  19. New member

    Easy folks
  20. DJ Jon

    oi oiiii crew
  21. How are we all today
  22. Welcome to ::Rewind100%Oldskool::. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  23. New Member.

    My names Jonny Rich from black, lancashire been dj'in for around the 8 year mark and producing for 4. Genres i Work with are: UK Hardcore UK Bounce / Hard Bass / Bumping Makina Labels i have released on: Ballistic Hardcore White Noize Hardcore Digital Narcotix Wreckless Audio Soundcloud Link: Want to know anything else drop me a pm.
  24. Wizzy g

    My fb
  25. hi all

    hi im dj bri im good dj most know me from other webistes i mix all kinds of tunes so hope you hear me from time to time Insert other media
  26. ezee nohw...

    Hello people, hope you are all well...I went mad and sold all me feckin choonage, I recorded quite a bit before it went, but cos I'm a twat I did it poorly with many tunes being incomplete and I'm on a mission to replace, remix and revive my oldskool mojo...cos I'm the most boring man in Britain and life sucks without Reet still a massive gay? shhhh, if you didn't know keep it to yourself cos he wouldn't want it to go public.....
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